Bench Park Counseling

I am committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy, and I’m doing whatever I can to slow the pandemic. I am also hyperaware about our human innate need to feel connected to others, heard, seen, and supported.

That is why I am offering counseling at the park. Due to COVID-19, face masks became the new norm, along with staying 6 feet apart from each other. My office space is big enough where we could have 6 feet of physical distance between us; however, I still cannot imagine doing counseling in my office with face masks on.

Body language and facial expression count for over 65% of communication. These nonverbal signals are what I need in order to do my work effectively. Volumes of information can be expressed that way and are not conveyed in words. Our facial expressions may reveal our true feelings about something—you may say that you are feeling fine, but the look on your face may tell people otherwise, or you may smile while talking about something sad. All of that provides important data that further helps me help you better.

Therefore, until it is safe to meet again at my office without face masks, meeting at the park, finding a shady and private spot, and being in each other’s presence, instead of the presence of the screens, is the next best option. However, you must qualify, so please fill out the form below.

If you are interested in meeting with me in the park, please make sure to fill out the form below. If you check at least one of these prerequisites, we should meet online instead:

If you qualify to meet with me in person, please feel free to bring something for yourself to sit on (a towel, blanket, or a picnic chair). My sessions can sometimes bring up tears, so please have your own tissues nearby. I will send you an invoice after our session so that we don’t need to exchange checks/cash/credit cards.

We will try to find a quiet spot in the park for us to talk. We will sit 6 feet apart without our face masks on and trust that the breeze between us will keep both of us safe. Please contact me for the address and name of the park.

If the weather conditions are not favorable that day, let’s communicate, be flexible with our plans, and consider meeting online.

Bench Park Counseling Registration Form

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