Testimonials from Former Clients:

“Marta, we are so grateful that you came into our lives. You really pushed us to look at our situation from a different perspective. I cannot count the times that we have said out loud and silently: ‘What would Marta say?’ The techniques that you taught us not only helped our son, but they also changed us. We relate differently with each other and with other people. It has switched our thinking and our belief forever.
I feel better equipped to live my life and care for my family, and relate to the world as a whole.

We have had our “bumps on the road,” but we continue to draw on our experience with you and try to stay on track. Our ability to do this is due to a lot of dedication and hard work, coupled with the knowledge you shared with us. We really made a good team! Thank you for being patient with us while we opened up. Thank you for the encouragement, validation, and support when we worked hard and when we didn’t know if we could try anymore.

Your confident words ring in my ears daily. Your serious eye contact with me during my most vulnerable times stick in my mind when I need it. Your spirit will live in our home, always. Thank you for all that you did to help make our home a safer and more loving place.

P.S. “Connection over control” is the single best advice/technique that you shared with us.
It applies to every relationship, so thank you!!!”

- Former Family Client

“Thank you for being a part of our lives. You really are an amazing therapist. You changed not only our lives but touched our hearts and gave us our hope back. I have learned so much from you and your words have helped me help my daughter. It was a privilege to have you as our therapist. Our time with you is so very special to me.”

- Former Family Client

“Marta, it is not often that I meet someone as quick and perceptive as you, and rarer still to work with someone who can translate those insights into effective strategies and actions. When we do have problems with our grandson, I still hear your voice in my head and turn to your handouts with suggestions. Your lessons have stayed with us. I will always be grateful for your support, thankful for your presence in our lives, and in awe of your talent as a therapist.”

- Former Family Client

“You taught me what to do when regular parenting techniques don’t work.”

- Former Family Client

“Marta, thanks for working with me. You deeply care about me, and that means so much to me.”

- Former Individual Client

“For all of my life I felt like I am riding in a wrong train. Counseling with you helped me get on the right train.”

- Former Individual Client

“My wife and I are closer than we have ever been. I learned that I am the antidote to her anxiety.”

- Former Couples Client

Testimonials from Former Supervisors:

“I have had the privilege of supervising Marta while she was a student at Denver Family Institute and have continued providing LMFT supervision since her graduation. I have had the opportunity to observe Marta’s work with clients and am always impressed with her warm and genuine presence with people, her skill as a therapist, and her desire to always do better. I would not hesitate to recommend Marta as a therapist.”

“I had the pleasure of mentoring Marta while she participated in post-Master’s degree studies at the Denver Family Institute. Marta is one of those people who is always going above and beyond what is expected of her. She sought out an additional placement in Evergreen to deepen her understanding of family therapy from an attachment perspective. When it came time to graduate, Marta was one of only two therapists who took the risk of doing a live case presentation to demonstrate her competency as a couples therapist. As a result, she graduated with honors. Marta cares deeply about the couples and families she works with. Her focus is always on their well-being and she will go out of her way to make a difference. She has taken these skills in to her in-home therapy work and her private practice. I would not hesitate to send a friend to Marta for therapy services. You cannot go wrong with such a quality individual armed with extensive knowledge in family therapy who has a big heart and compassionate nature!”

“Marta, I so admire your steady calm and your persistence with your families. Your style of teaching helped us all.”

“I really cannot put a value on all you have contributed to your clients and colleagues—it is immeasurable.
Thank you, Marta”

Testimonials from Fellow Therapists:

“I first met Marta while she was still a student in graduate school a couple of years ago. Since that first meeting, it has been obvious to me that Marta exhibits a unique combination of personal initiative, sincerity, and conscience that serves the counseling community and her clients well.

I have had numerous opportunities over the last two years to witness first hand Marta’s commitment to the counseling profession and her willingness to support colleagues and clients. Marta is always eager to provide resources to others in need and is quick to follow through.
She is resourceful, enthusiastic, loyal, and always eager to learn a new skill or fact.

Any client and any employer would be lucky to work with Marta. If you have additional questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me. I consider Marta to be a most valued colleague and friend.”

“Marta, I admire your commitment to your clients. You don’t stop until they tell you to do so. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to you clients.”

- Fellow Therapist

“Marta, you have enhanced and challenged me to grow as a professional. I am very appreciative that I got to know you as a person and I admire your skills and dedication as a therapist. You truly know your craft.”

- Fellow Therapist

“Marta, what a wonderful job you have done on our team, teaching us all invaluable lessons with your clinical wisdom and genuineness in your character. Thank you for the lessons!”

- Fellow Therapist

“Marta, it has been an absolute joy getting to work with you. I have learned so much from you—your knowledge of trauma, your compassion for people, and your curiosity are unparalleled.”

- Fellow Therapist